Thursday, February 26, 2009

Translator- No Time Like Now

I can't even say that I'm that enamored of this record to be honest, I'm just sort of fascinated by how run of the mill it is. Translator were a new wave guitar band located out of San Francisco,  this being their second release. On one hand, the first three songs "Un-done", "Beyond Today", and "I Hear You Follow" have enough early 80's guitar rock charm going to make them very enjoyable, but "Breakdown Barriers" and "L.A., L.A.", though not terrible songs, seem to break the overall mood of the first side of the record, which ends strongly with "I Love You." Side two is dominated by some good guitar work on 'Everything Is Falling" and the atmospheric "Simple Things." While by no means a classic, No Time Like Now is certainly worth a couple of listens, especially if you are a fan of early R.E.M. or Wire Train. Info in comments.

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