Tuesday, February 24, 2009

C-86 Casette

A somewhat legendary compilation cassette released by NME in 1986, it lended it's name to a whole genre of music, C-86, which basically boiled down to a sort of British jangle rock influenced alot by The Smiths, though not all the songs on this comp fit that description (Stump's "Buffalo" is just plain bizarre, The Shop Assistants "It's Up To You" is obviously inspired by the dream pop of The Cocteau Twins). That being said, those looking for a little rickenbacker action are going to be more than satisfied with songs like The Mighty Lemon Drops "Happy Head", The Pastels "Breaking Lines", Close Lobsters "Firestation Towers" and most of all, the fantastic (and ridiculously short) early Primal Scream track "Velocity Girl." All the songs have a almost palpable indie rock charm, the kind that almost doesn't exist anymore. Anyway, can't recommend this one enough. Info in comments.

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