Monday, March 2, 2009

The Witches- On Parade

Bizarre psych-pop band from Detroit, led by lead singer and songwriter Troy Gregory. The Witches don't play by any conventional rules here. The lines and music on most of the songs seem to come out in stream of consciousness rants about, usually, some type of love and madness. As much as I like this album, none of it makes much sense to me, though "who wants 2 sleep with the birthday grrrl" and "the invisible miserable people have reappeared" are very memorable, catchy stuff, like the Velvet Underground singing mid '70s AM pop songs on a sugar high (and no those aren't typos, even the song titles are messed up on this one). "on the haunted side of the house" closes out the album with a 4 minute random sampling of what sounds like someone channel surfing at 3 am, which actually sums up this platter quite nicely. Info in comments.