Monday, February 23, 2009

The Three O' Clock- Vermillion

For any Three O' Clock fans who have searched in vain for it, here is the infamous Vermillion. Long derided as being too commercial (no doubt due to Prince's involvement, as it was realeased on his Paisley Park label, included his slight but charming "Neon Telephone" and, honestly, sounds alot like his own Around The World In A Day) that's actually a crazy accusation, since The Three O' Clock could never have broken through to a wider audience. Most of this is due to the fact that that Michael Querico's voice, while a fantastic instrument to those who appreciate this kind of twee psychedelic power pop, was never going to allow this band to be altogether that commercially succesful. The complaints that it is overproduced don't resonate with me either, since anyone who has listened to this bands progression would logically assume they would eventually make a super slick pop record like this. And as that, it is quite wonderful. Also notable for the appearance of Jason Falkner (soon of Jellyfish). Highlights are the aforementioned "Neon Telephone" and the delightful, bouncy "When She Becomes My Girl." Info in comments.


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Is is possible that you can re-upload this awesome rare album? Thank you so much!