Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Pandoras- Stop Pretending

Star-crossed girl group from Los Angeles led by Paula Pierce, The Pandoras were a garage revival group through and through, though they weren't scared of crafting a nice hook now and then. Stop Pretending is their best effort, more hard rock oriented than their debut, and filled with much better songs.  Organ dominates garage rants like "You're All Talk" and "That's Your Way Out" though the real standouts are the hook-filled hard rock opener "In And Out Of My Life (In A Day)" and the slightly melodic title track. The Pandoras, in all their various incarnations, could never get along or keep a stable line-up together, and Pierce was the only glue that held the band together. Tragically, Pierce died suddenly in 1991. It's impossible to imagine that groups like The Donnas or Bikini Kill never ran across and loved The Pandoras, and since they rarely, if ever get credit as one of the great girl groups, we'll at least give them credit here. And Stop Pretending is a hell of a record. Info in comments.

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